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~EF~Sasuke wrote:lol

1. ACTIVENESS (not a word but you know what i mean!!)

* Stay ACTIVE!! Especially in the forums! Not being active for me then 3weeks will result in a kick
If you are going on holiday or a alien just shot your cat and you have to disappear for a certain amount of time then let the admins know in the blood pool area or pm them..

2. Don't Flame the Admin:

* The admins and moderators are here to do a job and work hard keeping this place afloat so out of respect to them, don't bitch at them or flame them for any reason. Any problems you have can be sorted out quietly through pms! Don't sit there typing "can i be admin or mod" over and over again as this will just annoy people and may result in ban..please wait and allow the admins to think about there decision...

3. No Spam:

* This includes spamming of your website, free ipod offers, bullshit or anything else that could possibly be considered spam at the administrators discretion. If you are caught spamming just to raise your post count we will just delete your posts and that will lower your post count

4. No Racism:

* This one is pretty obvious... We're all from different places and racism will not be tolerated in any form. We're all here for fun... Hating isn't welcome.

5. No Offensive Usernames

* This is an awkward one because you have probably already chosen your username before reading this but if your username is anything that might be considered offensive, racist or just plain wrong, then change it or contact a member of staff for assistance. Failure to do so will result in a warning.

6. No Clan Hopping

*I hate that shit look be honest dont just come here to get sponsored and then leave as your account (yes sfo one) will be reported and may lead into deletion
If you are caught in another clan you will simply be banned...IP address too!

7. About you

*Post in the topic that allows you to tell us about yourself! Please do this before posting in any other topic..if it hasn't been done then you will be sent a pm telling you to do so...

8. No sore losers

*When you lose in SFO dont say you noob lagger,cheap or any other hateful things we do not want our clan to be known for vulgarities.

9. Dont bug anyone for sponser

* This clan works super hard keeping everything on track and we even got a music box for you to enjoy and that takes time and effort so dont get mad if we cant spons anyone right at the time that they ask 4 it and dont keep asking. If ur a true member you wont worry about sponser you will only care 4 the betterness of the clan and how you rep it so if the only reason why you joined this clan or any clan LEAVE!

Okay.... So 9 rules to live by until the need for more or less arises... Follow these rules and we can all be happy.. if you can think of a rule you'd like added, submit it to a member of staff and it will be taken into consideration

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